It has been more than a week since the ABC Circle Regional Event! Still haven’t gotten the chance to complete writing the recap of the 3-day event. But I wanted to share one special occasion where I got the chance to be in a Live Facebook Talkshow with Mom Mansi Zaveri founder of KidsStopPress from India, Mom of 5 Joy Wisotto from Phillipines, and Robert Kwon, Head of Scientific Engagement for Johnson's Asia Pacific. It was a fun, educative, and definitely insightful experience! 

As a mother, no matter where you are from, we all care a great deal about all things related to our children, especially with products that our kids use daily. Safety is of course our number one priority. 

For me personally, the products I choose must fit these criteria:
  • A well-known and reputable brand
  • Enforcing strict safety standards
  • Highly recommended by friends/family 
  • And of course to a certain degree having proven the quality myself 

Once I trust a brand, I will use it for a long time. If I do use other brands, it is usually because I hear really good reviews or recommended by a friend/family. Therefore I was astonished hearing these facts about Johnson's and feel the need to share all these valuable information with you all!

In the middle of the discussion, we played an interesting game, so I would like to play with you too! Before you continue to read this article, try guessing the answer and you'll be surprised!

  1. Over 90% of industry led baby skincare research comes from Johnson’s. 
  2. Adult skin and baby skin need the same skincare and products 
  3. Ingredients used in a products work differently on baby and adult skin 
  4. Johnson’s products meet or exceed 15 global regulatory standards including European Union and United States standards. And where standards differ, Johnson’s apply whichever standard is stricter.  
  1. Natural ingredients may be harsh on baby’s skin.  
  2. Preservatives are added to baby and beauty personal care products to avoid harmful mold and bacteria that could build up in personal care products over time. 
  3. Johnson's baby puts every ingredient through a five-level safety assurance process 
  4. Moms around the world give 8 billion baths to their babies every year with Johnson’s products.  

(The cheat sheet is available in the very last row of this article, or you can learn more about safety and baby skin by reading the blogpost and watch the video here!)

Lots of people associate natural or organic with being the best and chemicals as the enemies. However Robert Kwon explained that do you remember as a kid when you played outside you got rash on your body that came from natural sources? Therefore, in both natural materials and chemicals, there will always be good and bad substances. Johnson's uses only the best of both worlds. 

Another interesting fact is about fragrances. There was a question on how Johnson's products have fragrances, while other baby products sometimes use less or no fragrance at all. I love how Robert explains "Would you say that all men are bad?" haha no. So it is the same like fragrances, there are fragrance with high allergen level that are bad, but also ones  that have no allergen level at all. Like there is different kind of people, there is different kind of fragrances. Only the best fragrances are used in the making of Johnson's products, those that are proven to be safe for baby skin, and stimulate their senses. I truly agree with this statement because my toddler uses the active fresh and it does smell fresh, and energetic. While the bed time range, smells soothing and really good for sleeping. As a mom who loves making sensory play for kids, I believe that all senses are important, and this includes smell. 

After that Robert showed a demonstration of grapes and oranges as to show the differences between baby and adult skin. Both fruits have skin, however they are very different. What happens if you leave orange skin overnight? It will dry out and harden. Baby skin is like orange skin because it is delicate and very easy to dry out. However if we leave grape out overnight, it will still be the same. It is similar to adult skin that is very good in preserving moisture. These differences are very important to remember, so we will treat baby and adult skin differently.

The discussion went on for 45 minutes, and for those who are interested you can watch the full video here! In the end there was one question for me that was slightly off topic, but worth to share here! "How do you manage to travel on a work trip with a toddler and a 2 month old baby?" Haha.. My response was very simple "I have a wonderful husband! He took care of my two boys during the 2 days with no complaints!". I have to mention this because without him I wouldn't be able to come to the Regional Event, and be part of this wonderful Open Parent Hour. 

Wishing that I could do more collaborations with other moms across the country and also globally. Hopefully we can see more of each other in the near future. Thank you Johnson's for this opportunity! 



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