On my last trip to Singapore, I had the chance to taste the wonderful buffet of Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium

The range of culinary was vast, especially the fresh seafood. I was 3 months pregnant so I couldn’t eat raw food, but my family said that everything was very fresh and delicious. They also have a range of authentic Singaporean food, and their specialty and my dad in law’s favorite was the seafood Laksa. What I really love about the place though, was the fact that they cared about the children, the kids were provided with coloring activities, an activity booklet, and a kids corner. And even better, all this for FREE (yes, including the food)!

I had an interesting talk with the hotel PR, about their kids menu. Turns out, the menu was designed by Samantha Lee, Food Artist, so it is genuinely hearty and healthy. She also had heaps of creative ways to encourage kids to eat healthier, and this is something I want to share here!


The new kids menu was created in partnership with Nutrition Australia based on a set of criteria developed by the organization’s Accredited Practicing Dietitians. The menu features a range of nutritionally-balanced dishes such as Veggie Pitta Burger, Sushi Rolls, Spaghetti Bolognese, DIY Lettuce Cups, and DIY Falafels. Samantha truly loves her partnership with Holiday Inns, because it can inspire thousands of children and their parents, and help them discover new and exciting flavors.  Samantha also created a few exclusive menus for Holiday Inn such as Roly-Poly Pandas, Squiggly Sheep, Grabby Crabby, Pitta Fish, and Crawly Catterpillar. Aren’t they adorable?

So who is Lee Samantha? For those of you who don’t know, Lee Samantha is a Malaysian mother and Food Artist who creates wonderful and innovative healthy bentos for her daughters. Since she started posting her meal pictures on Instagram she quickly grabbed local and international attention. What really sets her apart from other bento artists is that she does not use too many tools and she keeps it simple. She uses simple tools to create her dish and she believes in fresh and healthy ingredients.

I’m pretty sure we are all well aware of the problem that toddlers are quite possibly the pickiest of eaters. Therefore sharing Samantha’s methods on how to succeed in getting her daughters to eat healthy meals is a wonderful idea. 

Her step by step rules are:
  • Prepare a rough sketch to help visualize ideas before piecing together the ingredients.
  • Use fresh ingredients that have naturally vibrant colours to achieve appealing designs, such as shredded carrots and cabbage.
  • Try using Nori for your designs; its nutritious value and great taste makes it a perfect complement to most dishes.
  • Useful tools to have by your side: scissors; toothpicks; skewers; cling wrap (to mould rice); and re-sealable zipper storage bags.

Here are some example of Samantha’s food art. You can also check out her website here, for more information. Which one is your favorite? and tag @productivemamas and @leesamantha whenever you try these recipes! Have fun creating bentos!

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