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Easy Peasy Sensory Play Ideas!

Sensory play is the go-to option when you want to limit your toddler’s use of gadgets.

This interesting activity, which can be as simple as playing with water while showering, touching grass or walking in mud with your bare feet, can help stimulate your young child's senses: touch, smell, taste, sight and hearing.

Sensory-related activities are very important to stimulate their rapidly multiplying brain cells, improve their motor skills and help develop language skills. It can also encourage children to apply scientific thinking while they play, create, investigate and explore.

However, those living in the city may find it tougher for their children to get sensory exposure from nature. No worries though, as you can create all kinds of sensory experience in your own home.

Here are three super-easy sensory play ideas that you can try at home:

Homemade soft playdough

There are tons of playdough recipes out there, but if you want to use only 3 ingredients, opt for conditioner, corn flour and food coloring (optional).

Mix the conditioner and corn flour together with ratio of 1:2. It will feel mushy at first, but as you mix gently with your hand, it will slowly transform into a soft playdough.

If you want it to be more colorful, add two to three drops of food coloring of your liking.

Homemade colorful sand
This is an easy peasy way to create colorful sand using only salt and food coloring.

Put the salt into a Ziploc bag, add 3 drops of food coloring and shake the bag until even. Do the same with all colors; then leave it to dry for a few hours.

You can use this colorful sand for decoration, to color drawings, or simply for free play and have fun with your child.

Homemade oobleck

Oobleck is similar to slime, but with a slightly different texture. It will look wet and solid, but changes texture when you hold it.

Most oobleck recipes out there will require you to use oil, but not this one. We only need corn flour, water and food coloring. The ratio of water to corn flour is 1:2.

First, add a few drops of food coloring to the water, then mix everything together with your hands. This is also free play and it has that soothing effect while you’re doing it.

I often get questions on exactly how to play these kinds of sensory games. It’s free play! You and the kids can play any way they like. You can add some molds, spoon, glasses or bowls for props.

To maximize the child’s potential it is highly recommended that you accompany your children during play. Put down your phone and spend some quality time with them. Ask them questions like what’s the color, how does the texture feel, what are they making? You’ll be amazed how simple activities like these can increase their imagination.

After all, playing is the work of a child.


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