After 8 months of running this blog, and getting numerous questions on who is actually behind it, why it was conceived, its main purpose, and so on.. I have finally decided that it is the right time to say hi and share my story to everyone. After all, "tak kenal maka tak sayang".

So a big HELLO to everyone who has stumbled upon this page!!! We are gonna get personal.

I am Nesya. I got married when I was 21 years young, my husband is 7 years older than me. Together we have been blessed with an adorable son, we call him Dio.

My online journey began when I started tenun ready-to-wear fashion brand called DRESSKOD back in 2013. After almost a year of 'okay' business, I started to drift away and lost the passion that got me started in the first place. Looking back, I guess the lack of a clear long term goal resulted in this. Long story short, the fashion industry, despite my passion for it, is currently not my thing.

If anyone asked me why I started this blog, I would always have a different answer. Not simply because of inconsistency, but because there are a few factors that have contributed to my decision of starting a blog.

Fast forward to mid 2014....

I started a company with my best friend that ended up badly, I lost a huge amount of money, but the worst part was, I also lost the friendship. In the midst of this turbulent period, I had a miscarriage while suffering from typhoid, I was in my 12th week of pregnancy, so we could already hear my baby's heartbeat. I was devastated.

I was diagnosed with autoimmune disease, which became the main suspect of the miscarriage. Autoimmune is not commonly known disease, even though a lot of people have it without realizing that they do. Quick explanation:

“An autoimmune disease develops when your immune system, which defends your body against disease, decides your healthy cells are foreign. As a result, your immune system attacks healthy cells.”

So for instance, if we get the same flu virus, for you it my be just a common flu, but for people with an autoimmune condition such as myself, it can accumulate to heavy headache, fever, weak joints and so on.. Autoimmune disease does not have a cure, but it can get better if we maintain our lifestyle well. Which is why, starting next year (2016), you will see more healthy lifestyle related articles and/or videos.

I want to promote healthy living, because more often people change their lifestyle based on a recent illness or unfortunate medical condition. Hopefully by sharing the experience and little knowledge I have, young moms and dads can get a step ahead of all the negative health conditions and prevent them happening. We have the ability to change our lives, especially our beloved children.

I really have to talk about this, because I get this question A LOT!!

"Why are you dieting? You're so skinny already...."

I am NOT in a diet to lose weight, I am changing my lifestyle so that I can become stronger and fight my condition. Because if I don't do this, it may lead to complications, which there is a long list of illnesses that I don't even want to talk about right now cause it really scares. And, I don't want my son to ever go through the same thing. Therefore my husband and I have committed to changing our lifestyle for our baby Dio.

Another question that I also get a lot is...

"Why don't you get a brother/sister for Dio?"


However, I will have to go through a long process. The effort and stress of having to go to a nutritionist, an autoimmune specialist, on obgyn, to run tests on my body makes me a little sick inside just thinking of it. And even if I do get pregnant again, it will have to be under strict monitoring and maintenance.

I want to... but not now...
The unfortunate experiences in 2014 left me sad, broken, and lost. It took me quite some time to even find a reason to laugh and enjoy life. I started reading all those self-help motivational books, tried to rediscover my passion, reignite my engine, focused on the positives, basically looked for anything that could cheer me up. Until I read a simple quote (can't remember where, please do tell if you know who wrote this):

“You can either allow the obstacles in your life to be the excuse of your failure, or make them the reasons behind your success”.

I was very lucky... I had a great support system... They believed in me...

It took a while, but I finally regained momentum, and started to believe in myself again...

I started doing new activities, attended various workshops, read more enlightening books, creating new activities for Dio, and also went to places I've never been to before.

I opened a NEW chapter in life...

I finally realized that the answer was right in front of me all along!!

I was constantly on the look for inspiration on what to do with myself and with Dio, until I thought why not just make them ourselves?! Create a platform where moms (including myself of course) can seek and find inspiration on quality activities, destinations, and other insight for our families. After all, being a mom is the greatest thing that ever happened to me!

As a mom, I noticed that when our baby is between 0-6 months old, and in some cases up until 1 year old, we tend to focus more on their basic needs such as breastfeeding, milk, food, bedding arrangement, strollers, blenders, immunization, and so on.

And then as the child grows, starts to talk or walk, and can do things on their own, we start to have more time for ourselves. I feel that I want to do things for myself, but ones that also contributed to the development of my son.

I started Productive Mamas.

So all moms can empower each other, learn from each other, become inspired by other successful mommies out there, be it with their business or at home.

To become and to give the best for our children.
Thank you for everyone who are still here with me, reading this paragraph, reading my story. In 2016 you will be seeing more of me and my family. So I want you to get to know me better, you can take a peek on the newest addition to my blog: Danesya's Corner.

I am sharing all this, not for pity, but to share with you, whoever you are who's reading this, especially if you are feeling down and facing a HUGE obstacle in your life.. To smile a little, stay positive, read and try something new, and always believe that there’s always a rainbow after the rain :)


  1. Truly inspiring! Love the honesty :) stay strong Mama Ney, love you so much!!!

  2. Inspiring story ☺. Hope someday I can also inspire other people like you.

    1. Waa thank you so much for stopping by and your kind words :) Hope to see you around!

  3. hai Nesya salam kenal saya pembaca setiap blog ini loh ;)

    1. Wah terima kasih ya mbak.. Salam kenal! Suka juga dengan blognya. Sering-sering mampir ya :)

  4. Gimana kalo mau rekomen temen-temen hebat juga yang menurut saya layak masuk blog ini?

    1. Bisa coba email saya saja mbak ke :)

  5. when I'm reading this, I got a lot of positive energy (especially during this pregnancy). so I'll keep reading your blog, since I find it useful and so inspiring. thank you! :)

    1. Wah thank you so much mbak Fetty! Semoga bisa terus memberikan positive energy. So happy to read this comment! Congratulation on your pregnancy! Sehat selalu ya, semoga dilancarkan semuanya :)


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