1. Who is behind Productive Mamas (PM)? Why did you start this blog?
Hi! My name is Nesya. I started this blog on April 2015 to inspire young moms (such as myself) to live a positive, active, creative and productive lifestyle that ultimately will set a great example for their children. You can read more about this on my profile.

2. How many employees do you have?
It is just me (Nesya) running the blog and instagram for the past 8 months, with my husband's help and lots of mentoring sessions from my friends. However I am planning to add more contributors in 2016, stay tuned!

3. Where are you based?
I live in Jakarta, Indonesia with my husband and my most adorable son, Dio.

4. Is PM a community or online media?
Although I have lots of mommy friends, and loyal readers who frequently attend our events, Productive Mamas is not a community. It is a blog for moms to find inspiration on mom and kids activities. There are also stories on other inspiring moms on their businesses along with their unique experiences in raising kids. Most of the content is written by me, some of it by my husband, and soon contributors.
For now, PM does not accept press releases. Everything written here must be by experience (either my own, or my contributors'). So if you want us to make a review about your products or events, please email us at and if it is suitable to PM's idealism, we will send you the requirements.

5. Why do you like Sensory Play?
I love all kinds of kids activities, but I also noticed that most of the activities in PM's blog focuses on sensory related activities. This is because it is easy, fun, my son loves them and they are very beneficial too. You can read the benefits of sensory play here.

6. How do you spend your weekends?
Mostly quality time with family, and grandparents. We love spending time outdoors. My husband is sport enthusiast, so he usually takes us exercising every now and then.

7. Do you have a baby sitter?
No. But I do have a maid to help around the house. If I have to do groceries, or go out for more than 4 hours I usually bring her along to help out with Dio.
If you went to one of PM's events, you might see her around, because she will be the one who takes photos, if my husband is not available at the time.

8. What equipment do you use for photo/videography?
Mostly Fuji XM-1 with a fixed 35mm lens. When my husband is around (most of my travel posts), he uses Canon 5D Mark II or 7D with a fixed 40mm lens or a 24-70mm lens.

9. How do you edit your photos/videos?
I edit my photos with Adobe Lightroom and videos with iMovie.

10. Any basic tips on photography?
Lots, but I think the best tip is to have good lighting. Natural lighting when used properly always makes great photos!

11. How can I contribute to PM?
I am very selective with my contributors, because I want PM contributors to share the same values as PM blog. If you feel that you have interest in making activities for kids,  DIY activities, or going to educational family places with excellent writing and photography skills, you can send your CV, social media account, and reasons why you want to contribute to

12. Do you have a strict policy for collaborations?
Positive vibes only! If you read my profile here. You should have an idea whether your product is suitable for this blog or not. PM is very picky with food and beverages. If I have to give an easy example, refined sugar and junk food is a big no-no.

13. Is this blog suitable for expecting mothers?
This blog may not be too relatable for a mom that has not given birth yet, but it will come in handy when your baby is turning 6 months old and you’re looking for  activities, places, or just an inspiration to start to do something for yourself.

14. Can I send you an email?
Whether you’re a brand who wants to sponsor, collaborate or a mom who needs an advice on something, you can email me at I try my best to answer all relevant questions in 2-3 days of work. However sorry if I do not get the chance to answer everything directly. Hope to see you around sometimes! :)


  1. Dear Nesya,

    Thank you so much for sharing your stories. I thought my pregnancy was hard with all the vomiting I have to endured during both of my pregnancies until I heard other mamas' stories like you. I can't tell you how much you've inspired me to be a more productive mama. I used to think mamas can only be mamas full stop. Thank you so much for sharing your journey, so we could all be productive mamas like you. Lots of love and hugs from another MoM on The Blog (

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