Rainy seasons can be daunting as they also herald the beginning of the flu season.

If you have a child, flu is a terrifying and inevitable situation: sleepless nights, constant nagging and a lack of appetite, to name just a few of the difficulties that parents of sick children face.

Below are three of my favorite natural remedies for kids, and also the whole family, for dealing with cough and flu.

Hot water and eucalyptus oil
Do not turn on the air conditioner while resting during the day. It is okay to let your kids sweat as sweating is one of the ways to release toxins from the body. For that stuffy nose, make a homemade sauna with a twist. Close your bathroom door, turn off the exhaust (if any) and fill a bucket with hot water. Add eucalyptus oil and sit there for a while. It feels like a sauna, but your nose will feel so much better afterwards.

Be extra careful with small children due to the hot water. Don’t forget to bring their favorite toys or book to keep them calm inside the bathroom.

This method also works while sleeping. Bring a bucket filled with hot water and oil into your room. It doesn’t have to be a big bucket, it can be a small bowl. Put it near the air conditioner, so the whole room will smell like eucalyptus oil. This will help you and your child breathe easier and sleep better.

Lime and honey shot
Lime and honey both are overflowing with antioxidants that heighten the body’s natural ability to heal. These drinks are good options to help you heal from flu and cough.

Make mixture to your liking. For me, one lime and half a tea spoon of honey is enough. I drink this shot twice daily for better results. You can switch lime with lemon to get the same benefit.

For sore throat, you can add boiled ginger to the mix. My son happens to love sour flavors, but for kids who don’t, add more honey to make it sweeter.

Most of the time, when your child is sick, they lack appetite. Outsmart this problem by making them juices, which are a great option to provide the energy and vitamins that the body needs.

For an energy boost, I use a mixture of 3-5 kurma (dates) and milk. For vitamin C, I use oranges, carrots and ginger. To combat the reduced vegetable intake, use spinach or kale with apple.

Hope these simple homemade remedies will help your family heal faster and stay healthy. And remember, always drink enough water and get enough rest.


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